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In just a few hours, Clear-FX changes the aesthetic appearance of a vehicle so dramatically… its owners are often rendered speechless. Clear-FX’s technology is changing the detailing industry by saving time, improving results and providing a longer-lasting pristine finish.

What is Clear-FX?

The Company

CLEAR-FX manufactures the CLEAR-FX Automotive Refinishing System™ and its affiliated products in the United States of America. CLEAR-FX is based in Seattle, Washington with training centers throughout North America.

The Industry

The auto-detailing and refinishing industry is complex and traditional. CLEAR-FX is simplifying things to bring better results with less time and money involved.

The Product

Our flagship product is our permanent chemical adhering paint restoration system, CLEAR-FX Restoration™, which utilizes the newest technologies to completely restore all paint and clear coat damage to bring back the shine and luster the car once had when brand-new. It’s permanent, efficient and consistent; it is the highest quality, most advanced restoration system on the market today.

Clear-FX Services

Clear-FX Restoration

While paint protection products can be useful, they often cannot address the damage that may occur six months or six years down the road. With Clear-FX, this is no longer an issue. Once Clear-FX is applied using an exclusive application method, a …

Clear-FX Paint Touch-up

The Clear-FX Paint™ System is tailored to work directly with Clear-FX Restoration™. This System ensures that deep chips and dings in the vehicle are fixed and repaired so that the beauty of the new gloss on the vehicle is not marred by remaining …

Clear-FX Protect

Like all paint finishes, once a vehicle’s finish has been restored using Clear-FX Restoration™, it is still susceptible to regular, everyday wear and tear, scuffs and scrapes. Using the newest and most superior technology, Clear-FX Protect™ will further …


Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are so fogged up or yellowed that the light is barely making it through anymore, it’s usually time for a cleaning, not a replacement. Oxidation is a common problem that can be reversed with a bit of hard work. Replacement headlights, on the other hand—depending on your vehicle—can cost you a small fortune and are not necessary unless your existing set is actually cracked or broken.


We offer full detailing services or individual services.

Our Most Common Full Package

Silver Detail Package

Our Silver Detail Package is top-notch. With this package we will remove loose dirt, clean under seats and in crevices, shampoo and extract all carpets and upholstery, clean and condition all plastic, leather and vinyl, clean Headliner, vacuum trunk and clean door jambs and clean all glass

Our Most Common Individual Service

Hand Wash

This services includes a detailed wash of your vehicle by hand. We take pride in how thorough the job gets done. Let us prove to you that your vehicle can look good again! With out top-of-the-line products and superior experience, we go the extra mile to give your vehicle the cleaning that it deserves.

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